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Theory 1: He is still in the dream

He stays to find Saito but we never see how they get out. Leo wakes up on the plane, Saito wakes up, his mind not addled by years of limbo, makes the call, saves the day. Leo meets Michael Caine, they ride off into the sunset, reunite with the kids but it’s all too easy to believe and the totem shows that he chose to create this reality while submerged hidden deep in the subconscious of Fischer’s dream.

Theory 2: He got out.

He does save Saito, and Saito wakes up makes the call and we get the happy Inception ending. This is slightly more believable given Leo has attempted to spin his totem immediately upon arrival at his house and fails.

However with the Inception ending we are never sure and because Leo wakes up without a kick it makes it plausible that the clock on the dream ran down and he awoke naturally, and that Saito has aged considerably although maintaining mental agility.

There are various interpretations of the Inception ending and ultimately the viewer will have make up their own mind of the meaning of the film.”

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“Theory 1: He is still in the dream


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