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“So, everyone is questioning is he still in a dream? Did he make it back into reality? Was he dead this whole time? Why did Nolan not let the audience see if the top falls or not?
If the top falls, the assumption is he made it back to reality. If it keeps spinning, then he is in a dream world.
Here are a few different theories people have been talking about:
He Doesn’t Care About Reality Anymore – Some say he was obsessed with the top the entire movie but then at the end, he just walks away from it without seeing it fall or not to run to his kids.
He’s Still In A Dream – People say the top keeps spinning because the image of his kids never changed throughout the entire movie and they haven’t aged one bit.
He Made It Make To Reality – This is the one that I believe because there are some things that really stick out to me. The big part is the fact that the top was NOT his “totem” but rather it was his wife’s. If you remember, he stole it from her lock box and he also mentioned that if anyone touched someone elses’ totem, it becomes worthless.
So, what was his “totem”? Well, I believe it was his kids’ faces. If you remember, he never saw them and that one time where his wife was telling him to look, he quickly turned away because he didn’t want to get trapped in that world if he saw them.”


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