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“…The focus of this film is the discussion. I hate the idea that people are comparing this film to The Matrix. That film is nothing like this one. Inception isn’t a film that screws with you, making you wonder what reality is. Nolan is too smart and intentional about filmmaking to waste our time like that. Inception is a film about film, filmmaking, and the filmmaker, just like 8 1/2.

Full disclosure on this article: I am a dream junkie. I spent years studying dreams, I really like to explore lucid dreaming, and I have written a lot of material on the ethics and morals of dreaming and the dream state (while lucid dreaming or not). On a side not, one thing I thought was fun about Inception is the use of a totem to tell if you are in a dream or not. Lucid dreamers do sort of the same thing to wake up in a dream. I think Nolan has some experience in lucid dreaming.

OK, back to the theory. Film is a fascinating medium unlike any other because it attempts to do something impossible. Films transcend time by attempting to affix your mind in the eternal present, and you have to give yourself wholly to the artist to truly transcend timespace. Watching a film allows us to live as close to the eternal present as we can without supernatural or chemical assistance.

Nolan’s Inception literally transposes the filmmaking and viewing experience into a film. One reason it’s hard to have discussions about when the characters are dreaming in the film is that film itself bends and distorts spacetime in ways that are unseemly to nature. As an audience, we are constantly being transported through timespace without questioning those cuts unless they are poorly executed. A skilled filmmaker and editor can make cuts seem natural and undetected so we don’t find it strange that our perspective moves inches or thousands of miles in 1/24th of a second.
This film takes on a bigger and more important discussion than whether are we all really sleeping (yawn). It forces us to look at every other film we watch with a careful eye. If he did his job, Nolan is doing at least two things in this film, and they are HUGE!

1: Inception raises the bar for the rest of the industry. He is bare-faced, calling out his peers and reminding them that film is like a dream, a powerful tool that can reveal humanity and truth to the world.
2: Nolan’s film reminds audiences of what film is capable of. He reminds us how we should feel when we watch a film, and tells us not to bother with films that aren’t worth our time….”

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