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“…So I went back to my first interpretation, but – again – I still wasn’t sure why Cobb would choose the dream world beyond the idea of wanting to reconcile with his wife.

And then it hit me as I was driving home from my second viewing of Inception. THE 50 YEARS WITH HIS WIFE WERE REAL. Cobb is an old man now. He recently lost his wife. And he discovered the refuge of a lonely old man: an opium den. His mind invented a fantasy world where he’s young and able to infiltrate dreams for money. He experiences action straight out of his James Bond-fueled childhood and reunites with and attempts to reconcile with his deceased wife, who probably passed away from more mundane reasons than the surface story would have you believe. A train accident might easily explain some of the subtext.

The other great thing about this theory (and that’s all it is, really – take it or leave it), is that it helps explain any other issues with the story. For instance, shouldn’t Yusuf have woken up when the van first went off the bridge (or even earlier, when it flipped over on the embankment!) instead of continuing to drive his sleeping comrades along? And what about Arthur going all Matrix up, down and sideways on the subconscious defenses that tried to prevent him from setting up the improvised elevator “kick” to bring back his comrades on Level 3? Shouldn’t all of that flipping about have woken him as well? Remember, the sedative did not affect the inner ear at all, so any falling or toppling should have woken up anyone who wasn’t on the next dream level….”

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yac February 6, 2011 at 8:03 pm

Nope, Yusuf was in first level dream. For Yusuf to wake up in there, he would have to fall in reality.


anonymous April 20, 2011 at 7:34 am

yes, yusuf is in the 1st layer so the kick should be in reality. any physical harm done to his body that wouldnt kill him wont wake him up.

by the way those werent subconscious defenses (defense mechanisms will never harm the subject, and the subject in this layer is ARTHUR), arthur’s mind is generating the same experience of being flipped in the first layer (van scene) by disorienting gravity directions.

for arthur not waking up when the van hits the barricade and freefalls to the water is because the loud noises & gravityless sensation is obstructed because he was wearing headphones and hearing the overlapping music. For arthur not waking up when the van rolls down the bank is because the turbulence might not be strong enough to snap him awake–also, this is in the first layer of the dream, you can pretty much fantasize & organize the effective standard of a kick or set the kick to just available in the bridge jump.


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