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“…When the film ends, Cobb wakes up.  The entire film has been a dream that helped him realize how he needs to handle his wife’s death.  Ariadne’s work is done.

As for who arranged the inception, and why?  It doesn’t really make a difference.  Maybe someone benevolent wanted to help Cobb move on.  Maybe someone stood to gain from Cobb’s emotional breakthrough, similar to Saito’s reason for ordering the inception on Fischer.  Maybe Cobb was in “limbo” the whole time, and this was a rescue mission.  But I had a thought about this— the final thing I realized before writing this post.

We don’t know what’s happened in level 1 since Mal’s death.  All we really know is that Cobb feels guilty about it.  But reuniting with his kids is such a strong motivation on level 2 that it’s probably true on level 1 as well.  On level 2, he can’t see them because he’s on the run from the law, but since that’s just his self-defense system, that can’t be true of level 1.  So what’s another reason why he might be separated from his kids, and might need to work through Mal’s death before seeing them again?

It’s a bit obvious, but it fits: Cobb’s inability to deal with Mal’s death has driven him insane. He’s probably in an asylum, and probably wishes he could go back to his kids and a normal life.  Ariadne’s motivation is probably therapeutic.  When Cobb wakes up in level 1 and has learned to cope with Mal’s death, he will have been healed.

And in the asylum, he is, of course, inmate #528491.”


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joni August 3, 2010 at 12:35 pm

How about the music playing when Cobb exits the airport and enters the hose to see his kids till the end of the movie……….maybe a kick is coming???


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