IMDb – My theory of Inception’s ending (Spoilers)

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“I believe Christopher Nolan has given us an ending to understand ourselves. The moment Cobb meets the elderly Saito is when we achieve the finale of the film in chronological order. Even though it was the first moment we see when Inception starts, it really happens last before any other thought is given. Throughout the film, Cobb convinces the viewers that thoughts can be implanted into others by a means of informing. That is what Nolan did the moment Cobb wakes up with everybody else in the arrival scene back home. Ending a film with this magnitude is difficult, since the complexities are so varied. So to please the viewers and keep us thinking, we get a classic yet effective thinker ending. However, this ending isn’t entirely like Children of Men. Since the movie varies around dreams, we get a “possible” ending. What Nolan did is he implemented a thought into us. It is up to the viewer to decide for themselves whether Cobb is still in the dream world or if he really did wake up and achieve freedom. Ending Inception with simply showing whether or not the totem would have fallen over wouldn’t be of total satisfaction. Actually, it would have been predicable. Thanks though to a simple cut to black, we get a soothing cliffhanger into something we really need to think for ourselves. This proves Inception is one giant masterpiece and clearly outranks any other movie from recent years, when it comes to intelligence and visual effects.”

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