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“For a number of months now Christopher Nolan, Hans Zimmer and Michael Breidenbrücker have been working on the concept of augmented sound.

Hans Zimmer talks about Inception The App from RjDj on Vimeo.

During August 2010 Michael Breidenbrücker met Hans Zimmer and showed him the work RjDj has been doing on augmented sound. Hans was fascinated by the concept as it does something which he had wanted to explore for quite some time. Hans showed it to Christopher Nolan, who at this time was just finishing working on the movie Inception. The three of them then decided that Inception would be the perfect material for an augmented sound app.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had a soundtrack that was synchronised to your life? For example the music would become more energetic when you moved, more calm when you sit still or even change when the sun shines.

Inception The App is the first result of this cooperation which…hit the App Store on Dec 9, 2010.”

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