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Sequence of Events

The movie starts in limbo, then goes to Cobb and Arthur’s attempt at stealing an idea from Saito. Ok first let me note that the idea was never specific. Like anything in the dream world it is not really real. Therefore there was never really an idea and at that moment the seed was planted. The seed of the idea of escaping and going back to America to see his kids was planted. Let’s call that level 1. Level 1 is suppose to last up to 3 hours or so. That little adventure was no more then 3 hours.

Level 2

Level 2 was lasted a few weeks like they said it would. Level 2 is the whole process leading up to the “first” level with Fischer. When Cobb was assembling a team he happened to just end up at each place without showing how he got there really. Cobb visits his father-in-law and does not ask for his help, but for someone younger this is a key part to the film and my theory. Cobb’s father-in-law is more skilled than Cobb, he taught Cobb after all. Which means he would be the best for the job. Cobb’s father-in-law says he has a student that is better than Cobb is. This is where it takes a turn nobody might have realized. Ariadine meets Cobb and before you know it they are in sync together and Cobb has a very weird trust with her. Also, she knows and catches on too quickly to Cobb’s problem which nobody else could find out and they have known him for months. She must know him from somewhere or should I say he? Maybe Ariadine is Cobb’s father-in-law. He could be very well skilled enough to project her and then turn into her as Eames turned into Browning. Thus ensuring the mission went according to plan. Let’s get back to the team assembling.

Well, Saito during Cobb’s chase scene just happened to be where he was and saved him. Wait! Where was Cobb? We never knew where he was to get Eames did we? Then we do not know exactly how they got to Yusuf either. Another reason for why it is Cobb’s dream.


This a very confusing concept that involves breaking down a lot of elements. So before I lose you let us stop and go over previous points made.

1. Cobb is dreaming at the end

2. The whole movie is Cobb’s dream and the Inception attempt by his father-in-law to let him see his kids with the idea it is reality.

3. Mal is Cobb’s security system. Thus, explaining her violence at times his mind may feel threatened.

4. Cobb’s father-in-law is Ariadine. Which explains why he trusts her so much and lets her in, as well as how she is so quick to know things about him.

5. Saito’s mission is the way they are able to plant the idea in his head. That once this is over he will be able to see his kids.

Level 3

Level 3 is the “inception” attempt on Fischer. Which is the whole plane ride. Now, I am combining the “levels” that Cobb and the rest of the team go through with Fischer as I think it is just another scene constructed and not another level created. This level is about getting Cobb to get over Mal and defeat his guilt as well as his security system. So just like they had a Mr.Charles for Fischer, Ariadine (Cobb’s father-in-law) is Cobb’s. So they get him to go into the final stage of dreams which is limbo.

*Note – If Ariadine was in Limbo with Cobb she would have washed to the same shore that had Saito.


Now, we are back to the beginning of the movie. The real limbo is here, not when Cobb and Ariadine are together. Cobb goes to Saito and he gets him to pretty easily remember their pact, a little to easy. Before you know it, he is in the plane again right? No way of how he got there though. We can assume he got shot, but you can never assume. What does this mean then?

Well, it means that Cobb has been Incepted successfully. He know does not think he is dreaming anymore. So he goes home and everything is fine. Wait, wait, wait! Saito made a phone call in five minutes a murder charge, plus him fleeing was let off. that is impossible for even the President to do. Also, his father-in-law is waiting for him? How could he have known that he would be there I mean Cobb only told him he had a way to get home and he would not tell his dad to wait for him on the chance he got arrested. A major theme from this move is that only when we wake up do we know the little things that were wrong from our dreams. Well Cobb did not notice that his father-in-law just happened to be waiting with no idea he was going to be there.

Now, Cobb is home. First, off he gets home and the house is the exact same. He spins the top on the table and very carelessly leaves without checking it. He has been incepted folks! Why throughout the whole movie would he spin it and check, but not check now? An idea was planted that this was truly “reality”. He goes to see his kids who were in the same exact position, looked the same and were the same age. Well that is just not possible, but like I said earlier in dreams we do not notice the errors in them.


Time to bring this all home. The movie is about Inception, but not on Fischer, but on Cobb. It’s a plot by his father-in-law to give his son what he wants to see his kid. They used love, the most powerful emotion to plant the idea that he was on a mission and when he “woke” he would be with his kids….”


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james lee September 10, 2010 at 3:12 am

you are wrong. cobb’s father-in-law is not ariadne. you cant go continuously into one person’s dream. we only have A conscious or subconscious. so for your theory to be correct cobb would have to be in his father-in-law’s dream state at some point. that first level, ariadne, who you claim to be cobb’s father in law, was attacked by cobb’s subconscious. which would mean that they were in cobb’s dream to begin with. also all parties of cobb’s team were attacked. who is the dreamer safe from the subconscious’ defense? and why would nolan make the viewer know what was happening between ariadne and jgordanlevitt? that would break the rules of continuity. your take on the ending of the movie was way too thought out. the simplest explanation is always the truest.


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