ManOnCouch – My Inception Ending Hypothesis [Spoiler Alert]

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“…The ending of this movie has become a major subject of the internet. People are so riled up about this god damned top and its spinning and spinning and spinning and then BLACK/CREDITS. But I think I may have figured it out.

There is ample and equal evidence throughout the movie suggesting that Leonardo Dicaprio is asleep or awake. There is not one overwhelmingly blatant moment or event or object that confirms either. This is obviously done on purpose to leave the viewers pissed off and questioning.

But throughout the entire film they are questioning reality and which is real and which is not real. Is he asleep at the end, or awake? I don’t think this is really a relevant question anymore. I don’t think it matter and I think that Nolan wanted this.

Dicaprio’s plight in the film is his inability to return home to his children and also his overwhelming guilt for his wife’s suicide which he pretty much is responsible for due to his INCEPTION! upon her. DUN DUN DUNNN!

At the end of the movie though, his mission is completed and he is able to return home to his children and his home, while also losing his guilt for his wife. This is the goal of the movie. He is happy; whether he is awake or sleeping really is irrelevant. He was unable to escape his pathos in both dimensions. For him to find solace and peace anywhere is pretty much the goal of the movie and his character.

In my opinion, Nolan is pretty much stating that the audience should understand that finding happiness is all that matters. And even though the children are still the same age and in the same position as his dreams and that the top is spinning for an eternity at the end, it all really doesn’t matter….”

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