PopChassid – Inception Part Last: Was It a Dream?

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“…Beyond Levels

It has been suggested in a number of blogs that Inception can be seen as an allegory for movies. Cobb seems to be more controlled by the timing of the audience than the timing of the movie. At one point, he tells Eames that he has “one hour” to accomplish his mission. Exactly one hour later (from our perspective, not the movie’s) Eames is sitting on the bank of the river with Fischer, mission accomplished (one blogger actually timed this).

But the truth is that there is an even deeper allegory going down here. The allegory that Cobb, in a sense, is just as imaginary as we are. The allegory that we are characters in a movie. Our existence is an allegory in and of itself.

And that, even deeper than that, because it is an allegory that comes from the only real thing, from G-d, then it is real for that very reason.

A movie is real because it exists in the minds of viewers and the creator. Cobb, to us, is very real.

And we are real because G-d imagined us. Because, if G-d is all that is real, then surely his dreams, surely his imagination are real too.

The truth, then, is not that everything is an illusion because it is a dream. No, the truth is that everything is real because it is G-d’s dream.

All that we need to do, like Cobb, is let go of the top, already.  Forget about that last shot of the movie.  Let go of the fake totems and hold onto the real ones, the ones that remind us that although this world is a dream, we can realize its true existence by connecting to the G-dliness around us. By raising the Saitos. The G-dly sparks. By helping to create a movie that is full of beauty and wonder, with no Cobal Engineering, or Crazy Mal #2′s.

Until we have completely spread the word, shared the G-dly truth with everyone, and helped them realize that although it is all a dream, it is a beautiful, true dream, straight from deep within G-d’ mind.”


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