PsychologyToday – Inception, Part II: A Psychologically “Real” Dream World

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“…Below are some of the major dream theories that influence “Inception’s” dream world.

The dream theory most central to the plot is fittingly known as the contemporary theory of dreams. Dreams are posited to serve a therapeutic function of sorts. According to this theory dreams are thecognitive echoes of efforts to work out conflicting emotions, as negative experiences are dissected, re-examined, and repeatedly experienced in the service of resolving negative emotion and improving coping for future threats (Hartmann, 2006).

An equally prominent theory utilized by Nolan proposes that dreams may serve as a training ground for self-preservation in which life-threatening scenarios are rehearsed in a safe and virtual environment so that, later, real-life crises are responded to in a maximally optimal and efficient manner (Hartmann, 1995).

Yet another popular take on dreams, termed the activation-synthesis model of dreams, posits that dreams are simply the product of an innate attempt to make meaning out of the random neural firing of aroused brain circuits (Antrobus, 1993).

Lastly, many of Nolan’s ideas are in-line with a theory noting that the dreaming brain seeks to interpret external stimuli, as evidenced by the intrusion of real-world occurrences like a blaring television (Antrobus, 1993)….”

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Inception Ending Explained August 11, 2010 at 1:50 pm

Very good explanation. I have a few theories and ideas of my own regarding the whole concept of inception as well as limbo that I have posted on my blog, check them out and see if you agree.


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