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“…Was Cobb dreaming or was he not dreaming? Why did Nolan choose to not show the top, and keep the ending open for interpretation?

The answer to the second question is simple. He didn’t keep the ending open. It’s a trap!

…After multiple viewings of Memento, Nolan doesn’t seem like the kind of director to keep the ending so ambiguous. He didn’t show the spinning top to tell the audience “This isn’t the answer. This is irrelevant now.” To me, what really matters is his wedding ring.

In every scene of a dream. Cobb is wearing his wedding ring.
In every scene of reality. Cobb is ringless.
In fact, at some point in just about every scene, there is a fairly obvious shot of Cobb’s hand.

Saito’s test for Cobb – Ring Present
Saito’s test for Cobb, beginning of film. This scene is obviously a dream, Mal’s in it, ring is present.

Layer 1 of inception – Ring Present.

Shortly after Ariadne’s first encounter with Mal – No Ring

Moments before inception begins on the airplane – No Ring
Now, this for me is black and white. There are countless of other examples, kindly highlighted by various forums discussing the films meaning.

On the train before Saito wakes up. No Ring.
All of Mombasa. No Ring.
Yusuf’s basement, after dropping his totem. No Ring.
Paris workshop . No Ring.
Aridane’s first experience with Dream sharing. Wedding Ring.
First Class cabin scene. No Ring.
ALL of the inception. Wedding Ring.
Final scene of the film. No Ring.
Now, if we trust Cobb’s ring as his real totem, then Inception had a happy ending. All is well that ends well. That’s my interpretation, that’s what really happened.

I believe that everything else in the film that suggests otherwise is a Red Herring. (Such as Cobb dropping his totem in the bathroom of Yusuf’s basement.)

As for the fact that the children didn’t age is easily disputed, in fact they are played by different actors. I could have sworn they were the same but it appears they were trying to suggest that time passed. Why else cast different sets of children.

Magnus Nolan…
So there you have it, thats what I think happened in Inception.”

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Spencer Starnes July 25, 2010 at 2:36 am

Thank you. Thank you for sharing my interpretation on your blog. It’s greatly appreciated.
-Spencer Starnes


G July 25, 2010 at 5:30 pm

Interesting observation you made about he wedding ring, didn’t catch that on my first watch.

Although the last part where you mention Nolan casting two sets of children, I believe that is because the older set of children is used for when Cobb was talking to them on the phone.


ko6ni4ka November 6, 2010 at 4:46 pm

I think Christopher Nolan focused our attention on the ring for a reason if you see the movie again you will notice that in the train scene at the begging the camera is set on Cobb`s hands for at least 4 seconds. That in my opinion confirms the importance of the ring for the whole movie. And in the end Cobb is obviously not wearing his wedding ring. I don`t thick Nolan focused so much of our attention on the ring for no reason it has to mean something and in my opinion it is the only way to now if Cobb is still in a dream or not. And i think definitely not 🙂


wm April 4, 2011 at 7:44 pm

I don’t know if anyone is checking this anymore. I want to believe this is the case. I think there are many scenes where the ring is prominently displayed ( Cobb slumping over his food in the first scene with Saito, several other scenes where DiCaprio positioned himself in somewhat unnatural poses so that the ring would be displayed – when he is talking to Fischer on the plane he has his left hand on his left knee rotated inward to show the abscence of ring). Plus, if you are looking for it, DiCaprio has his hands folded for an extrodinarily large amt of the movie.

I also agree that the children are different, they are wearing subtly different clothes (the girl has on a white undershirt in the last scene, pink for the rest of the movie. They are both wearing white shoes in the last scene, brown the rest of the movie)

However, the one scene that bugs me… in the scene where they decide to take Fischer on the airplane. Saito talks, they flash to a scene of Fisher and a airplane, it cuts back to Cobb. He quickly crosses his hands, but if you slow it down enough – – he is obvioulsly wearing a wedding ring. This is supposed to be in reality.

It is the only glitch in what seems to be an otherwise very cogent explanation of the movie… could this have been a costume error???


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