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SSL Certificates are important when running a website. Once you have bought a certificate for your web host you’ll have to refer it to your website, of course for having a website you need web hosting, but if you are starting with a wordpress site,  choosing wordpress hosting could be the best choice for this. There are two ways to do this. The firsts very basic method is to create a.crt file in your directory and point it at your SSL cert. The same guide says the same thing that Ill say later on, but I don’t want to get into the details of how to do that. The others methods much more sophisticated but also more expensive. This is one of the reasons why my is paid-for out-of-pocket (otherwise I would have paid for it). When you have your SSL cert and acrt file, you need to send those to your SSL client which is what your website connects to, so you know the site is secure, since visiting insecure websites can be harmful for your computer, because of all the dangerous software like ransomware or virus’s which can be found online”. You do this by manually creating a file and sending it to the client. This works fine but can be pretty resource intensive on the servers. We have a blog that’s paid-for that uses Google Webmaster Tools to do this sort of thing for us. This is a good post for more information on how this works. Let’s look at the two different ways you can create a.crt file: the manual way, and the new and improved way.
So, you have your SSL cert and acrt file. You should go ahead and make them available to the rest of your web host and your SSL client. You can use an SSL client (such as Google Webmaster Tools) to do this for you. Once your SSL client has the ca certificate and acrt file, they’ll have to send it to your SSL server whos gonna serve your website. There are a few ways of doing this, but here’s a good guide on what to do. This is how the link should look:
And this is how the link should look:
Both cant be sent on their own. A example client doesn’t have access to the original acct files it must receive the certificate file from you either through the api server or user. But, both the acct.crt and the crt.pem will take the same file as the user, so you can use the api server to get the file from your server then use the user to access to the files.

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