TechLand – The Great Inception Debate: Alive? Dead? Both?

by InceptionEnding

in Inception Ending

“…The last shot is clearly meant to make you debate whether that spinning McGuffin is going to keep spinning – meaning he’s in a dream – or whether it starts to wobble – meaning he isn’t. But I think it’s pretty obvious. He’s down in limbo land when all the other kicks happen, propelling his comrades out of the dream worlds. They wake up in the plane, he’s still down there.
So how could he possibly make his way out? Say he got out of limbo to the ice mountain just before the building collapsed…well, if he then jumped higher still, he would have woken up in the van at the bottom of that river. His avatar would have already drowned. He’d be dead.
More than that: When he supposedly does reawaken on the airplane, none of his teammates seem the least bit concerned about him. Which they would be.
Then we don’t see him de-plane. He whisks his way right through security. He arrives at home. All in the blink of an eye. And then that top keeps spinning. Personally, I think it just keeps twisting – proving that he’s now in a permanent fantasy land….”

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