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“…I tell you that the true meaning behind the ending is what it tells us about ourselves.  I saw the movie the second night it was out.  When the screen cut to black at the very end, the whole audience GASPED.  I talked with a friend who saw it on opening night and the audience’s response was the same.

I suggest to you that the true genius of Inception’s ending is contained within that collectivegasp: It’s an instinctive, emotional response from those who see the movie, and that response tells us something about ourselves: That no matter how much our culture tells us that truth doesn’t matter, something inside of us still says that it does.  Our heads may buy into the idea that truth doesn’t matter, that one truth is as good as another.  But in the end, our hearts will betray our longing for something real.

At the end, Cobb decides that he doesn’t care anymore if he’s in reality or a dream: He leaves his totem behind and runs to his kids.  But THE AUDIENCE ISN’T WITH HIM.  The audience is back at the table, saying, “Wait!  What about the top!?!?”

If you go to see the movie, and you hear – as I did – a collective gasp when the screen cuts to black, know that you are surrounded by people who, whatever they may sayabout truth, long in their heart of hearts for an ending to their story that is not merely happy, but also true.


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Daniel August 9, 2010 at 2:40 pm

That was the best version of the It-doesn’t-matter argument that I’ve seen – particularly about the camera staying with the top and not following Cobb.


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